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Tips While Performing Hajj

Every year billions of Muslims around the world gathered at the Holy Place Al Makkatul Al Mukarramah to perform the fifth pillars of Islam, Hajj. Performing Hajj is compulsory for every Muslim that capable in terms of wealth, physical and spiritual. In this sharing, it will focus on useful tips for fellow Hajj and Hajjah to confront the biggest experience performing Hajj. Do find all the tips below, and may it be useful for readers.

  1. The best time to perform tawaf is around 8 am after the sunrise until about 10 am. It is less crowded, and the atmosphere is more pleasant then after 10 am, which will slowly become hotter as the people increases. So, plan your time well.
  2. When doing tawaf, stay in a train chain and hold your mahram from the back instead of side by side, holding hands. Because the crowd there is beyond your control and it is safe to keep stay at the end of your mahram to avoid any rampage from other people.
  3. At the green light, which is the indicator when the tawaf starts, people tend to push through the crowd due to trying to get out as fast as possible. The best tip is just to stand back and let the people go through, and there will be more space for you to perform the tawaf.
  4. Always bring an empty bottle and a sprayer during your entrance to the Masjidil Haram. You never know when is your wudu’ will be reusable. Thus, in this hectic situation, the sprayer and bottle might comes handy for you to perform wudu’.
  5. Use your empty bottle to fill in zam zam water, because there is ample supply of the zam zam water. It is the best water in the world, do not hesitate.
  6. Take lots of Vitamin C and other vitamins to avoid getting sick during your trip.
  7. It is recommended for women to wear leather or grip socks during sa’ee as walking through the cold marble might sore your feet. It is applicable to men also.
  8. Always be considerate to the elderly people and disabled people to let them go through. You can feel that Allah ease everything for you in your time of Hajj as a reward.
  9. Have a proper sleep at night with a minimum of 6 to 7 hours to contain your body through a very arduous journey. Also, try to sleep (Qailullah) 10 minutes before Dhuhr. You can feel energized to continue your journey.
  10. For men, avoid rubbing your hands on your hairy places (hair, arms, facial hair, etc.) at your body. This medium is to avoid paying dams as the consequences of the hair that falls off from your body.

May you, fellow readers, find these tips useful in the times of Hajj. May Allah ease your journey and blessed you with a Mabrur Hajj.