Benefits of reciting Surah Al-Kahfi


Surah Al-Kahfi is the 18th surah in the Quran. This surah is consists of 110 verses, and it is believed to be revealed in Makkah, which is called ‘Makkiyah.’ In Arabic, Al-Kahfi means cave, which resembles a story of a few young believers who fell asleep in a cave for about 309 years. However, in this surah has mentioned some other popular stories.  The surah also explains about Zulqarnain, Gog and Magog, the Prophet Musa and Al-Khidr, and the tales of the poor and the rich. We are urged to recite Al-Kahfi every Friday.

But what are the benefits and importance of reciting Surah Al-Kahfi?

  1. Safe from the slander of Dajjal.

From Abu Darda’ RA, The Prophet Rasulullah SAW (PBUH) has mentioned, “ Whoever among you who recite the ten early verses from Al-Kahfi, thereby, they will be protected from the slander of Dajjal. “ (Narrated by Muslim)

The Prophet SAW (PBUH) has always reminded us to recite Al-Kahfi every Friday to avoid the slenderness of Dajjal in the ending era. This is due to the slanders of Dajjal is beyond ruthless, and it is a must for us as a Muslim to prepare ourselves in confronting this situation.

  • Obtain forgiveness of sins in between two Fridays.

The Prophet Rasulullah SAW (PBUH) has mentioned, “ Whoever among you who recite Al-Kahfi on Friday; there will be light shining from the under his foot towards the sky; the light will be shining on him in the day of doomsday (Kiamah); he will be forgiven from his sins from two Fridays. “ (Narrated by Al-Hakim and Al-Baihaqi)

Allah SWT has guaranteed that for whom recite Al-Kahfi on every Friday, then his sins will be forgiven from two Fridays.

  • Light will be emitted from the ones who recite the Al-Kahfi to Kaabah.

From Abu Sa’id al-Khudri RA, The Prophet Rasulullah SAW (PBUH) has mentioned, “Whoever recites surah al-Kahfi on Friday night, then he will receive light from where he is to Baitul ‘Atiq.” (Narrated by Sunan Al-Darimi)

  • Protected from the interference of Shaytan.

One of the ways to get close to Allah SWT is to recite and practice the Quran. By reciting Al-Kahfi is consider one of the ways to get close to Allah. There is a hadith narrated by Ibnu Mardawaih from Abdullah bin Mughaffal mentioned, a house that is recited Al-Kahfi, and Al-Baqarah will be protected from the Shaytan for the whole night.

The activity of reciting Al-Kahfi every Friday is very important as it is one of the routines by The Prophet Rasulullah SAW (PBUH). If success is the only desire in our mind, then follow the steps of The Prophet (PBUH).